About Us

Red Hat Software Services (RHSS) is Red Hat's global engineering and support center based in Pune, India. We deliver technical services and support to Red Hat Inc. and its affiliates worldwide.

Our offices are located at
Marisoft, Marigold Premises,
East Wing, 6th Floor,
Pune - 411006.

Jeetendra Rajopadhye, jrajopad@redhat.com
N. Murty, HR and Facilities Manager, nmurty@redhat.com

Career Seekers

Current openings at Red Hat are advertised under our career portal

Are you a contributor to open source communities?

We are proud to have some of the best talent in open source communities work for Red Hat worldwide. If you are an active contributor to open source communities, we invite you to write to us directly to discuss the career opportunities.

Please mention the projects you have contributed to and along with relevant details such as the modules contributed to, bugs filed/triaged/fixed, forums on which you have helped other users or documentation written etc.

If you would like to learn how to contribute to open source:

There are some internship opportunities available from time to time. Please see the Students section.


Fedora CDs
If you are looking for Fedora CDs, please contact your local Linux Users Group (LUG). In case the LUGs do not have a copy, please write to us via the LUG co-ordinator and we will be glad to ship the CDs to your nearby LUG.

A list of LUGs can be found in Linux For You magazine.

Project opportunities
In collaboration with IIT Mumbai, Red Hat has launched Red Hat Scholarship program for final year engineering college students. This is a great platform for the students to showcase their skills. Registrations are now open for 2005-2006 round. For more details, please see the scholarship page.

Internship opportunities
Details coming shortly. Please check back by August 15, 2005.

Sales and Marketing

The sales and marketing for Indian subcontinent is looked after by Red Hat India team.